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Filler plate 500 x 500 x 50 mm

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We developed the AP-HIA.500.500.H50-OG filler plate (without handle) for all platform scissor and 4-column inground lifts with a wheel alignment module. The plate is used to fill the space in the inground lift platform when removing the wheel alignment rotary plate temporarily to prevent wear. It therefore also replaces the original expensive metal filler plates. Advantages include no noise when driving onto the lift. The plate also eliminates irritating noise that hampers fault analysis during wheel alignment and steering play inspections. The service life of the platform lift is also extended since the sharp edges of the metal filler plates do not damage the surface coating. This reliably prevents corrosion which is often promoted by the ingress of (salt) water.

The filler plates are made of a petrol- and oil-resistant, high-density rubber granulate. Thanks to their high specific weight, the plates rest firmly on the platform without requiring any additional fastening. A handle recessed into the edge makes the filler plates easier to use. The handle can be used to easily remove the plates that fit exactly into the platform recess and to hang them up on a wall to save space.

Our filler plates come in different additional sizes for your platform lift (see Overview: Filler Plates). If you cannot find the size you need, we can manufacture custom sizes for you on request.

free from pollutants

BÖCK products are manufactured according to the REACH" regulations issued by the European Union and are therefore free of pollutants. We ensure that when using our products

oil and enviromental resistance

Our rubber plates, blocks, and plates are exposed to heavy contamination from workshops. The materials of our products are therefore of such a nature that they are oil-, salt-, cold-, and heat-resistant

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Weight 4.30 kg
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
suitable for 4 post lift, scissor lift
specification without handle
l x w x h 500 x 500 x 50 mm
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