drive-on ramp for portable wheel play detectors and wheel alignment turn plates

8/31/2022 10:32 AM

We developed our GG5X-S108H50 drive-on ramp specifically for portable wheel play detectors and wheel alignment turn plates. It allows you to drive onto the particular suspension tester without causing any damage. Without our drive-on ramp there is a risk that the wheel contact raises or moves the wheel play detector or wheel alignment turn plate when driving over the frame. This will inevitably damage the vehicle body or the tester.

You should ideally position a second ramp on the opposite end of the wheel play detector or wheel alignment turn plate. Vehicles no longer need to back up particularly in test lanes and can drive forward through the test facility. This speeds up the test flow since vehicles behind can drive into the test lane faster.

The ramp is very easy to use: simply place the drive-on ramp made of high-density sturdy rubber on the frame edge of the particular testers. The non-slip rubber compound and the weight of the ramp reliably prevent the vehicle from sliding when driving onto the ramp. There is no need for additional fastening elements on the floor. Our drive-on ramp can handle even high vehicle weights, such as trucks. When not in use the ramp can be conveniently stowed on a wall hook on one of the two handles to save space.

The GG5X-S108H50 drive-on ramp is suitable for all types of passenger cars and trucks. Every workshop needs one as the perfect solution that speeds up wheel play testing or wheel alignment.

please follow the link to see the product page.

Rubber block with magnet

10/7/2021 10:32 AM

Rubber blocks for car lifts are placed on the workshop floor when a vehicle is changed. They lie on the floor and employees can trip over.

Rubber blocks are stowed in boxes outside of operating hours or are placed on work surfaces. The blocks are far away from the lift or are searched for a long time before they are used. This is exactly why we designed our magnetic rubber block MAG120/35 for.

The block is simply attached to a metallic surface, for example the lifting platform itself or to a tool trolley. The magnetic block is always within reach of the mechanic and is not on the floor.

Ramps for 2 post lifts

5/27/2020 10:32 AM

With our new ramp made of granulated rubber tuning vehicles and sports cars especially with 2-post lifts, can be lifted without any problems. Handling with practical handles is very easy and it can also be hung up to save space after use. Further information can be found here.


Car lift adapter for Tesla Model 3/Tesla Model Y

3/4/2020 9:40 AM

Lifting a Tesla Model 3/Tesla Model Y can damage the battery considerably. The rubber pad of most vehicle lifts is too wide for the lifting point of the vehicle and protrudes into the battery area. The protective cover and the battery itself can be pressed in. For this reason, we have developed a universal solution for 2-post lifts and scissor lifts especially for this type of car. It is available in two sizes and is designed for professional workshop operation. Use on a jack is also possible. Click here for the product details.

Ramps for car lifts

3/5/2019 8:30 AM

We have added a category to our product range. These ramps enable vehicles with a short wheelbase or cars with a low chassis to allow unhindered driving on and driving over a car lift. We offer this solution in different versions for scissor lifts but also other types of lifts. For further product information please click here.

Pollutant-free products for car lifts

10/29/2018 8:55 AM

Our company uses high quality raw materials according to the strict regulations of the European Union issued REACH regulation. We ensure that when using our products, people are protected against health risks and the environment will be not polluted. All products have been tested by an independent testing institute and comply with the standards of the RECH regulations of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). We therefore guarantee the highest product standards for the car lifting and the car workshop equipment industry.

Pyramid blocks for use on scissor lifts and post inground with flat lifting support

2/13/2018 8:00 AM

From now on we offer a full range of pyramid blocks. From lowered tuning cars to SUVs and pick-up cars can be easily lifted. These blocks are characterized by high strength. Due to the conical shape (pyramid) a stable and therefore safe lifting is ensured. All products can be found here.

Lifting adapter with replaceable rubber pad for CONSUL lifting platforms

7/28/2017 8:00 AM

We have developed a flexible solution for rubber pads that use a carrier plate with a connected rubber pad. Due to the separation of the carrier plate and the rubber pad, no replacement of the entire carrier plate is necessary. The rubber pad can be reordered as 02-CONSUL-01-GTRP. This product is suitable for CONSUL lifting platforms. You can find more information on the entire product at 02-CONSUL-01-CA.