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Ramps 1000 x 480 x 50 mm

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Low-slung sports cars are often difficult to drive onto platform lifts without damaging them. To fix this problem we have developed the GG-D1000.H50 drive-on ramp. The ramp allows the mechanic to easily drive onto all surface-mounted scissor and four-column lift platforms with causing any damage. We designed the approach angle of the 50 mm high ramp so that vehicles with a low-set spoiler lip can also be driven onto the lift platform without being damaged. With low mounting platforms for inground lifts we recommend the GG-D1000.H30 or GG-D1000.H40 drive-on ramp with 30 mm or 40 mm ramp height.

The ramp is incredibly easy to use. The drive-on ramp made of high-density sturdy rubber is simply placed on the ramp edge of the inground lift platform. The non-slip rubber compound and the weight of the ramp prevent slippage on the workshop floor − even with a high dynamic load. There is no need for additional fastening elements on the floor. Recessed handles on both sides make aligning the drive-on ramp simple. The handles also make the ramp easier to transport and can also be used to hang it on a wall.

With mid-rise and double scissor lifts, the drive-on ramp works well when combined with the 165035 rubber block. This ultra-flat rubber block can be pushed and positioned easily between the sill mount and the lift.

The GG-D1000.H50 drive-on ramp is suitable for sports cars and for low-slung custom cars or vehicles with faulty Hydragas or air suspensions. Our drive-on ramp solution can be used universally, making it a best seller in the product range. Every workshop should have one.

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Weight 23.20 kg
suitable for universal use
Measurement a = 1000 x 480 mm
Measurement h = 50 mm
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