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special adapter suitable for scissor lifts

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This special equipment has been developed in order to safely lift cars with a narrow contacting point. This adapter is suitable for scissor lifts and post inground lifts with flat lifting support.

free from pollutants

BÖCK products are manufactured according to the REACH" regulations issued by the European Union and are therefore free of pollutants. We ensure that when using our products


Our rubber products have to withstand enormous pressure due to the heavy weight of the vehicles. The excellent elastic qualities are a sign of the highest quality of our products, which always return to their original form.

oil and enviromental resistance

Our rubber plates, blocks, and plates are exposed to heavy contamination from workshops. The materials of our products are therefore of such a nature that they are oil-, salt-, cold-, and heat-resistant

shore hardness

Based on our experience, we know which Shore hardness is necessary to prevent damage to the vehicle when it is lifted. On customer request, however, it is also possible to adapt the rubber hardness to specific requirements.

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Weight 1.10 kg
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
suitable for universal use, Volvo S80
specification for scissor- and inground lifts
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