We introduce ourselves

That's what we stand for

We are characterized by passion for new technologies and intensive research work. We continue to develop and equip. This is what Böck has stood for since 1992.

this is us

We are a family business. Rudolf Leinhart worked in workshop equipment for over three decades before Böck Gmbh was founded. That's a total of 60 years of experience in the field of workshop equipment. The sons Alexander and Christoph have been at the helm since 2016 and rely heavily on longevity, functionality of the products and servicing of the sales partners.

This is important to us

We adapt our products to the respective needs of our customers. We talk to our partners and listen. Customer feedback is important to us and this results in innovative products that we can offer across all industries. Quality and functionality are our top priority. That's why we test our products at workshops in our area. This is the final test before we release it for distribution.

We build on that

Our suppliers are carefully selected. All of our solutions are developed in Austria and we source 100% of our products from long-standing partners in Europe.