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Your specialist for rubber solutions for lifting vehicles

We, the employees of BÖCK GmbH, do not compromise on the quality of our products. With us there is only one quality level: the highest possible!

In order to guarantee this, we rely exclusively on suppliers from Europe. The synthesis of long-standing raw material suppliers, state-of-the-art production machines and consistent quality control ensures that you receive a 100 percent European quality product from us.
Solutions for increasingly heavy lifting

Of course, we continuously optimize our products. Increasingly heavier vehicles or sharp-edged pickup points pose particular challenges for the material. In order to optimize our products for this, we reinforce them in critical areas with different materials.
Non-toxic rubber products

You know that? You have purchased a rubber product for your lift. As soon as you unpack it, you are hit with a caustic, acrid smell. Does the rubber surface seem oily to you?

The elasticity also leaves something to be desired! Once deformed, the product does not immediately return to its original shape. These are all signs of poor rubber quality.

To ensure that you are not exposed to any health risks or occupational hazards, BÖCK products are produced exclusively in accordance with the REACH regulation issued by the European Union and are therefore guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

This means we can guarantee with a clear conscience that when using our products, people are not exposed to any health risks at work and that no harmful substances are released into the environment.
Suitable for the highest loads

And another aspect is important to us! The product safety. The high-quality workmanship of our rubber pads ensures that functionality is maintained at all times and under all conditions when lifting motor vehicles.

Our precisely fitting and solid rubber products reliably prevent the vehicle from slipping and damage to the underbody - even when the vehicle is heavy. A sign of the best quality is the good elastic properties of our products, which always return to their original shape even after maximum loads.
Robust and at the same time adaptable

We know that our rubber pads, blocks and plates are exposed to high levels of contamination in the workshop. The rubber in our products has therefore been selected to be fuel, oil, salt, cold and heat resistant.

Our customers' experiences also teach us that the Shore hardness, i.e. the rubber hardness, of our products must vary so that no damage occurs to the underbody when different vehicles are lifted. At the customer's request, it is therefore possible to adapt the rubber hardness to your wishes and special requirements.
Large quantities just in time

Our goal is that you are satisfied with us. This particularly applies to delivery times.

Here is our motto: Just in time! We can ensure the availability of our products – even in large quantities – by using an intelligent production and storage system. It ensures that the ordered items are shipped quickly so that they reach your workshop as quickly as possible.