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SKU: GG2P-D500H40

Access ramp 500 x 500 x 40 mm

Access ramp 500 x 500 x 40 mm

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  • Free of harmful substances
  • elasticity
  • Oil and environmental resistant
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With low-slung sports cars and custom cars there is often the problem that the support arms of the 2-post lift cannot be swiveled under the vehicle or can only be swiveled with great difficulty. For this case we have developed the GG2P-D500H40 increase. Low-lying vehicles can be raised by 40 mm, so that the support arms of 2-post lifts can be swiveled under the vehicle sill in order to safely hit the mounting points on the vehicle.

The 500 x 500 x 40 mm extension is made of a petrol and oil-resistant rubber mixture. It is flattened on two sides so that it is safe and easy to drive up and down the elevation. In addition, slipping is prevented by the anti-slip rubber. Two handles are incorporated into the side of the elevation for comfortable handling. This allows the raising plate to be easily aligned to the wheelbase and width of the vehicle. Additional benefit: After use, the plate can be hung on the handles to save space.

With our solution, the vehicles are 40 mm higher and can be lifted safely. Our raising plates have already proven their worth even with mobile body platforms that are pushed under the vehicle from the front or rear, especially with low-lying front spoilers or rear diffusers.

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Weight :8.4 kg
Delivery time : 2-3 Days
Suitable for : 2-post lifts