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SKU: AP-TTS.607.360.H50

Compensation plate 607 x 360 x 50 mm

Compensation plate 607 x 360 x 50 mm

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  • Free of harmful substances
  • elasticity
  • Oil and environmental resistant
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The compensation plate AP-TTS.607.360.H50 was developed by us for all road scissor and 4-post lifts with wheel alignment module. The plate serves as a leveler in the lift track when the wheel alignment rotating plate is temporarily removed to prevent wear. It also replaces the original, expensive metal compensation plates. Advantage: Noise is avoided when driving over, and there is no disturbing background noise when checking the axle and steering play, which makes error analysis more difficult. The service life of the roadway lift is also extended because its coating cannot be damaged by the sharp edges of the metal compensation plates. Corrosion, which is often promoted by (salt) water, can be reliably prevented in this way.

The compensation plates are made of petrol and oil-resistant, high-density rubber granules. Thanks to their high specific weight, the panels lie firmly in place without the need for additional fastening. A handle embedded in the edge makes handling the compensation plates easier. With this, the plates, which fit precisely into the road recess, can be easily removed from the lift and hung on a wall to save space.

We offer our compensation plates in five (seven) other sizes for your roadway lift (see overview: Compensation plates). If the right size is not included, we will make desired sizes for you upon request.

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Weight :4.3 kg
Delivery time : 2-3 Days
Suitable for : 4-post lifts|scissor lifts