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SKU: 13510030-RU

Rubber block for electric vehicles for use on scissor lifts dimensions 135 x 135 x 42 mm

Rubber block for electric vehicles for use on scissor lifts dimensions 135 x 135 x 42 mm

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  • Free of harmful substances
  • elasticity
  • Oil and environmental resistant
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The Tesla models “3” and “Y” place the highest demands on the precision of the support mounts on roadway and column lifts. So that the lifting points can be hit across the entire surface, we adapted the rubber block 13510030-RU to the shape and size of the vehicle support during development. This completely eliminates the risk of damaging the directly adjacent battery area due to lifting blocks that are too large when lifting. In addition, the conical structure of the block and its knobbed contact surface give the vehicle a stable and non-slip position on the support mounts.

In addition to the Tesla models, the rubber block 13510030-RU can also be used for lifting many other electric vehicles. Especially if the support points on the vehicle have a very small area, it is recommended to use the rubber block 13510030-RU. The rubber block is a real problem solver for vehicle underbody panels that are close to the support point. When used, they can be easily removed and attached.

The rubber block 13510030-RU is the ideal accessory for the lifting platform of the electric vehicle workplace for both independent and branded vehicle workshops that maintain and repair electric vehicles. He shouldn't be missing there.

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Weight :0.6 kg
Delivery time : 2-3 Days
Suitable for : universal use
Dimension : a = 135 x 135 mm
Dimension : d = 60mm
Dimension : h = 42mm