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special adapter suitable for Tesla Model 3/Tesla Model Y

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Lifting a Tesla Model 3/Tesla Model Y can damage the battery considerably. The rubber pad of most vehicle lifts is too wide for the lifting point of the vehicle and protrudes into the battery area. The protective cover and the battery itself can be pressed in.
For this reason, we have developed a universal solution for 2-post lifts and scissor lifts especially for this type of car. It is available in two sizes and is designed for professional workshop operation. Use on a jack is also possible.

The adapter consists of a galvanized high-strength metal plate and a rubberized pad. The total height is only 13mm. The rubberized pad has a diameter of 60 mm and also protects the paint on the underbody.

Application 2-post lift:
The adapter is placed directly on the rubber plate. The TSL3-AD-LARGE adapter is suitable for rubber plates from 140mm up to 160mm in diameter. The point in the middle indicates the lifting point. With a total height of 13mm, the adapter was designed that both standard lifts and lifts with increased payload are compatible with the adapter. The adapter can be easily removed after use.

Application scissor lift:
The adapter is placed directly on the rubber block. The elevation in the middle must be positioned over the hole of the lifting point. The TSL3-AD-LARGE adapter is suitable for rubber blocks up to 140mm in diameter. We recommend the rubber block 165037 as a base for the adapter. If the distance between the vehicle and the lifting platform is not sufficient for the rubber block and adapter, we also recommend our ramp GG-D1000.H50 for an elevated position of the vehicle.

Application jack:
The adapter is placed on the metal plate of the jack or on an existing rubber plate. The TSL3-AD-LARGE adapter is suitable for a support surface from 140mm to 160mm in diameter.

free from pollutants

BÖCK products are manufactured according to the REACH" regulations issued by the European Union and are therefore free of pollutants. We ensure that when using our products


Our rubber products have to withstand enormous pressure due to the heavy weight of the vehicles. The excellent elastic qualities are a sign of the highest quality of our products, which always return to their original form.

oil and enviromental resistance

Our rubber plates, blocks, and plates are exposed to heavy contamination from workshops. The materials of our products are therefore of such a nature that they are oil-, salt-, cold-, and heat-resistant

shore hardness

Based on our experience, we know which Shore hardness is necessary to prevent damage to the vehicle when it is lifted. On customer request, however, it is also possible to adapt the rubber hardness to specific requirements.

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Weight 0.50 kg
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suitable for universal use
specification suitable on rubber pads with: Ø = 140-160 mm
Measurement d = 161 mm
Measurement h = 11 mm
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