Collection: Filler plates for workshop car lifts

We have developed the filler plates with a wheel alignment module for all scissor and 4-post lifts. When the wheel alignment rotating plate is temporarily removed, the plate acts as a leveler in the lift path. This also replaces the original, expensive metal leveling plates.

Advantage: Noise is avoided during the crossing and there is no disturbing background noise when checking axle and steering play, which makes it more difficult to analyze errors.

The filler plates are made of high-density rubber granules that are petrol and oil resistant. The panels are fixed without additional fastening due to their high specific weight. A handle embedded on the edge makes it easier to handle the compensation plates. The plates, which lie exactly in the road recess, can be easily removed from the lift and hung on a wall to save space.

We offer our filler plates in many other sizes for roadway lifts.

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