Rubber pads for car lifting platforms

We specialists from Böck develop suitable rubber pads for car lifting platforms. These include rubber pads, rubber blocks, polymer blocks, rubber plates, ramps, filler plates and special equipment. We have an extensive portfolio for many car lifting platform brands, which we offer workshop outfitters, service technicians, car lifting platform manufacturers and car manufacturers.

rubber pads

An indispensable and long lasting product for any lifting platform. We offer a complete range and and your producs are for many different models.

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rubber blocks

We offer a comprehensive range of universal rubber blocks for scissor and post inground lifting platforms. These products are made of various materials.

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polymer blocks

These products are specially designed for scissor lifts and inground post lifts with flat lifting support. The very light and durable polymer blocks are used in many garages.

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rubber plates

The right basis to ensure a safe application in th automotive industry and its lifting technology. The rubber and metal used make these products a reliable and long lasting accompanist for lifting platforms.

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Ensuring a safe driving on and over is indispensable with many car lift types. Our solution is offered in different versions.

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filler plates

This product is a useful extension of all scissor lifts with wheel alignment and 4 post lifts.

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special equipment

We offer and create solutions for the automotive lifting technology. With our know-how in rubber, metal and fabric processing, we are able to supply suitable applications

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We have rubber pads for these kinds of lifting platforms

For these brands there are rubber pads from Böck

Our current product catalogue

Product catalogue BöckProduct catalogue Böck

We are happy to support you with product catalogs, price lists, product images in good quality, technical drawings and other marketing tools. Of course, you will also receive our documents in your design to promote your sales.

That speaks for Böck products

All from a single source

Alles aus einer HandAlles aus einer Hand

Our strength: innovative and flexible solutions. From the product idea to the design and from product testing to production. With us, you get everything from a single source.

Raw materials from Europe

Rohmaterialien aus EuropaRohmaterialien aus Europa

In order to guarantee the high quality standard for our products, we only use non-toxic and high-quality raw materials from Europe for production.

Service & Support

Service & SupportService & Support

We are happy to advise you on problems, information on products, materials or other matters. Trust in our more than 30 years of experience: We have the expertise, know the market, the products, and the news in our business.

Your specialist in rubber solutions for lifting vehicles

We, the employees of BÖCK GmbH, make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our products. We only have one level of quality: the highest possible!

In order to guarantee this, we only rely on suppliers from Europe. The synthesis of long-standing raw material suppliers, the most modern production machines and consistent quality control ensures that you get a 100 percent European quality product from us.

Solutions for always heavier becoming lifting

Of course, we operate a continuous product optimization. Always heavier becoming vehicles or sharp-edged pick-up points are particular challenges for the material. In order to optimize our products for this, we reinforce them with different materials at critical points.

Non-toxic rubber products

Does this sound familiar to you? You have bought a rubber product for your lifting platform. As soon as you unpack it, you are confronted with an acrid smell. The rubber surface seems oily to you?

Also the elasticity is not satisfying! Once deformed, the product does not return to its original shape immediately. These are all signs of poor rubber quality.

So that you are not exposed to any health risks or occupational hazards, BÖCK products are produced exclusively in accordance with the REACH regulation issued by the European Union and are therefore guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

In this manner, we can guarantee with a clear conscience that when using our products, people are not exposed to any health risks at work and that no harmful substances are released into the environment.

Suitable for the highest loads

Another aspect is important to us: product safety. The high-quality process of our rubber pads ensures that the functionality when lifting motor vehicles is given at all times and under all conditions.

Our custom-fit and solid rubber products reliably prevent the vehicle from slipping and damage to the underbody – even with heavy vehicle weights. A sign of the best quality are the good elastic properties of our products, which always return to their original shape even after maximum loads.

Robust and adaptable at the same time

We know that our rubber pads and plates are exposed to a lot of contamination in the workshop. The rubber in our products has therefore been selected to be resistant to fuel, oil, salt, cold and heat.

The experiences of our customers also teach us that the Shore hardness, meaning the rubber hardness of our products must vary so that the underbody is not damaged when different vehicles are lifted. At the customer's request, it is therefore possible to adapt the rubber hardness to special wishes and requirements.

Large quantities just in time

Our goal is that you are satisfied with us. This applies in particular to delivery times.

Here is our motto: Just in time! We can guarantee the availability of our products – even in large quantities – by using an intelligent production and storage system. It ensures that the items you order are shipped quickly so that they get to your workshop as quickly as possible.

Do you have any questions or need some more information?

Trust in our more than 30 years of experience! We have the specialist knowledge, know the market, the products and current developments relating to rubber products for car lifting systems. Call us or email us. We look forward to you!

We have the right product for every manufacturer

We continuously develop and manufacture suitable products for lifting platforms. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive portfolio and are constantly enhancing our product range. Böck GmbH products are suitable as spare parts for many different lifting platforms. The products are made with high performance rubber, durable and therefore designed for professional workshops.


quality lifting pads


Our products are characterised by particularly high standards of quality. These are ensured through long-standing suppliers of raw materials, state-of-the-art production machines, and consistent quality control.

safe hoist accessoire


Safety is an important aspect of our products. Due to the high-quality processing of the rubber pads, we contribute to the safe lifting of motor vehicles. The well-fitting and solid rubber products prevent the vehicle from slipping and damaging the underbody and protect employees in the workplace.

rubber lift pads from Europe


We only offer the highest possible quality. In order to guarantee this, we rely exclusively on Europe as a location. You get everything from one source and thus a 100% European product.

Vertauen Hebebühnen


We are a family business. We rely on our long-standing suppliers and logistics partners and make every effort to gain the trust of our customers worldwide.

Do you have any questions or should we send you further information?

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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